Flash Diamonds Holiday Special 5 x 14 ml

Ref 29931

LIMITED EDITION: Festive glitter nails! Sparkle all the way with Flash Diamond Colour Gels!

  • Flash Diamond Colour Gels in a Limited Edition Kit 
  • 5 Glitter colours: Ruby, Silver, Copper, Gold, Pitch Black
Good To Know

Can be applied on Gel, Sopolish & on BFLEX Clear.

A brilliant collection with 5 glitter colours: Ruby, Silver, Copper, Gold, Pitch Black.

The Flash Diamond Gels are slightly thicker than regular glitter. However they can be applied perfectly thin in two evenly thin coats.

The brush can be easily cleaned by brushing it against the neck of the bottle.

The curing time is 30 seconds FULL in the SMART Light.

After curing, they are slightly sticky. Finish with Sapphire gloss to get an impeccable shine.

In the spotlight, they have an amazing reflective shine that makes them so special compared to ordinary glitter gels.

Don't worry: The black glitter gel (Pitch Black) is a bit thick as it contains both black and silver reflective glitters. You can also apply this colour thinly and evenly. 

  • 5 sparkling festive glitter colours that will make your customers shine
  • 'Flash Diamond' Glitter effect: Extreme glitter effect, especially visible when you hold and move the nails under a flash light
  • Ideal for both Sopolish and gel nails Lays perfectly opaque and thin in 2 layers
  • Finish with the Sapphire Gloss gel or Sopolish Shine
  • Available in THE 5 Glamour Colours: Ruby, Silver, Copper, Gold and Pitch Black

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