Master Milky Pink LED/UV Gel 14 ml

Ref 24311
Become the MASTER of your own time.
  • Low viscosity 3-in-1 LED/UV Gel
  • Gives a natural milky pink colour to the nail
Why you love it
It can be applied very thinly to create ultra-natural looking nails and is suitable for extensions on forms on any nail type.
  • Camouflages the nail plate with a milky pink natural look
  • Impeccable shine after curing
  • Time-saving up to 30 minutes per client
  • Work 4 fingers at at ime
The ProNails Master Milky Pink gel is a low viscosity 3-in-1 LED/UV gel in a bottle! This milky pink coloured camouflage gel masks imperfections on the nail plate and gives a fresh natural look. It is applied over the Master Clear gel as a lay-over of using a technique with no filing after curing to create ultra-natural looking nails. Time savings up to 30 minutes can be achieved. This gel is extremely self-leveling and suitable for experienced nail technicians. It is applied using the brush inside the bottle on four fingers and cures in 30 sec in the Smart Light with no filing.
  • Apply with the integrated over the Master Clear
  • Work 4 fingers at a time
  • Cure 30 sec SOFT in the Smart Light
  • No filing needed

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