Master Files

Master Files have been designed to help you work more quickly and efficiently. Also for a professional nail technician, it’s really important your file lasts very long. This will have an immediate impact on your salon’s expenses!

High performance: Master Files don’t need much pressure while using them, so your clients will feel more comfortable as well. In addtion, they allow you to work twice as fast as with a regular file.

Easy to clean: Every nail technician cares about hygiene. You can easily and quickly clean your Master Files using Clinilotion or UV steriliser, without reducing the quality of your file.

Cleaning tips

After each treatment, the stylist should clean and disinfect every used Master File with Clinilotion.






The Master Files exist in 3 different shapes

The straight shape

The straight shape is used to file the free edge of the nail to obtain the desired lenght and shape. This file is never used on top of the nail.

The Banana shape

To shape surface of the nail you need to use a banana shape. You can easily shape your builder gel on top of the nail.

The Half Moon Shape

The half moon shape is a combination of the straight file and the banana file. You use the straight side to shorten and shape the free edge of the nail and simply flip the file over to the round side to shape the surface of the nail.


The Master Files are available in 4 different grits

  • 240 grit which is the smoothest file​
  • 180 grit​
  • 100 grit ​
  • 80 grit which is the roughest file​ ​

All Master Files are single grit files. This means both sides have the same grit.​

The grit number of a file refers to the number of grain particles needed to fill up a small area (one square inch) of the surface. The lower the grit (for example 80), the bigger the particles and therefore the rougher the file will be. A higher grit file (for example 240) needs many more particles to fill up the same surface area, which means the particles are smaller and will give the file a smoother feel.​  ​

So, the higher the grit number, the smoother the file will be. And the lower the grit number the rougher, more coarse the file will be.​

How do you choose the right Master Files

When choosing the right file there are two important things you need to consider: the grit of the file and the shape of the file. These two together will determine how you can use the file. ​ ​

We are happy to help you with your choice! Try one and you'll never love another file again!