Premium brushes 

As a creative professional you don’t just need talent, passion and expertise. It all starts with the right tools.

ProNails comes with a range of 16 iconic brushes, enabling you to compose nail creations like music. Whether you want the perfect gel application or the most detailed nail art of all, this range will give you the ideal brush for every possible use. 


Cleaning tips

It’s not necessary to clean your brush extensively after each use. Saturated brushes make gel applicaton easier!

1. Clean excess colour of your brush with a dry cosmetic pad
2. Use Base Perfect to eliminate colour pigments
Make sure you use the Brush Protector to prevent your brush from being cured by sunlight.
Alert! never use acetone, non acetone polish remover or Pro Septic to clean your brush or brush hairs!

Disinfection tips:
​1. Spray a little bit of Clinilotion on a cosmetic pad
2. Carefully pat the hairs dry on a cosmetic pad.






16 brushes

No doubt you’ll discover new ways to save time and
be inspired to create astonishing effects
quickly and easily!





The beloved Unlimited M Brush N°2 got a special Limited Edition 40 Years design: white with beautiful rose gold letters.

A real collector’s item, but one that should – no, must – be used!



You’ll get this brush totally for FREE when buying a SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE Gellak pack.


Premium Brushes



We’ve developed a unique clip-on protective cap for the ProNails Premium Brushes which can simply be put over the brush to protect the hairs without touching them. Every brush comes with a handy metal corrective tip and a handle with a unique twist, which will prevent it from ever falling off your workstation again.

The ultra black, graciously modelled brushes with their unique, high-end tips are a joy to behold. Thanks to their classy look, your work table will look beautiful and design!

A lot of nail stylists are allergic to nickel contact. No worries with the ProNails Premium Brush! The ferrule (the metal piece that holds the hairs) consists of high quality copper.

These brushes are made of polypropylene. We also use this ultra durable material for our ProNails Gel jars, so it’s indestructable. Say bye bye to scratches, stains, chipped or broken handles. And on top: the black polypropylene is a recyclable material.

The design was tested thoroughly by nail professionals to make sure these brushes have the ideal shape & size, are super easy to use, feel just right when holding them and are perfectly balanced.


Brush protector - With coloured markers

INNOVATIVE - Innovative clip-on design allowing you to protect and store your brush. The cap seals in all hairs in one easy and fast gesture without touching them.

EXCLUSIVE - Fits your ProNails Premium Brushes perfectly and exclusively.

MARKER - Identify your cap by using a marker around your brush.

STABLE - Use the cap as a brush support while using the brush.

Metal corrective tip

HIGH QUALITY METAL - The metal tip is extremely resistant.

IDENTIFICATION - The unique number of each brush is engraved in the tip, so clearly visible forever.

HYGIENIC - The tip is very easy to use as a tool to hygienically remove gel from the lateral nail folds.

Brush hairs - Perfectly shaped, quality for years

QUALITY - These brushes are made with high quality synthetic hairs. No animal hair is used.
FORM - The hairs of each brush were shaped very precisely. They have the perfect length, volume and flexibility. 
COLOUR - The importance of the hair’s colour is often underestimated. Lighter hairs are affected more by natural light so gel residues will cure faster in the hairs. That's why our Premium Brushes have black hairs.


Discover our top Essential Brushes

Natalya Grudinina

"My favourite brush is number 1 because it’s perfect for me to create beautiful Zhostovo nail art which you know I’m crazy about."

Sandrine Roelants

"My favourite brush is number 5. Applying a colour gel was never so sensual as with this brush. It’s the ultimate brush for an easy application of colour gels."


The Top of Design Brushes

Noemi Milieri

“My favorite is number 7 because it helps me design really small details. Thanks to its slim, pointy shape I can design from flowers, lines to dots."

Monica Sacco

“My favorite brush is number 13 because I use it to create one-stroke nail art. The right flexibility to define the design and the shades."

Maricica Panaitiu

“My favorite is number 10 because I can do a lot of Nail Art with it. It’s really easy to use, flexible and soft.”

Patricia Lima

"If I have to pick one, my favourite brush would be number 14. It helps me to effortlessly draw several beautiful flower petals in one go!”

Rossella Cascella

“My favorite is number 15 because creating this brush with 3 points was a truly innovative idea!"

Gerlaine Jaramillo

"I love using brush number 16 to make Dandelion Flower designs. It is super easy and looks great on the nail."


What's your lucky number?

We are so curious to find out what you’ll realise with these unique brushes! Which will be your favourite? What will be your lucky number? #mypnbrush