Why use a Builder gel? 

After the excellent bonding thanks to the Base gel you are ready for the next step: the Builder gel. You can choose between Flexi Builder gels & Hard Builder gels. 

  • Flexi Builder gels are both strong and flexible and provide maximum strength and elasticity to all nail types. They are ideal for students and beginning Nail Technicians. They come in three different colours: Clear, Pink and Frosted Pink and are transparent on the natural nail.
  • Hard Builder gels are very hard builder gels, some comparable to acrylics and therefore very suitable for nail extensions on forms. Within the Hard Builder Gels some are harder than others. They allow thinner more natural looking gel nails and come in different colours (Clear, Light Pink, Milky Pink) and different textures (Tixo Pink).

Good to know

Flexi Builders are excellent
for thin and natural nails.

Hard Builders provide extreme strength; 
which ensures working very thinly,
even with long nails.

All Builder gels cure in 30 seconds SOFT finger by finger in the ProNails Smart Light. The Tixo Pink is an extremely self-leveling Builder gel that allows a higher working speed and a 4 finger curing method.


How to choose the perfect Builder Gel? 


For thin, flexible nails the Flexi Builder gels offer a perfect flexibility and strenght to the natural nail. All Flexi Builder gels are medium runny & medium self-leveling, ideal for beginners or a medium experience level. 


  • Transparent with a touch of violet 
  • Provides strength and elasticity to all nail types
  • Strong yet flexible builder gel for colour gel or French application


  • Translucent pink colour
  • Provides strength and elasticity to all nail types.
  • Strong yet flexible builder gel for colour gel or French application


  • Cream-coloured after curing
  • Provides strength and elasticity to all nail types.
  • Strong yet flexible builder gel for colour gel or French application


The Hard Builder gels are the perfect choice to create medium to long nail extentions. They provide strength to all nail types. The Hard Builder Clear and Hard Builder Milky Pink have a medium texture with a fast self-leveling property which therefore requires a medium to advanced level.​

The Hard Builder Light Pink also has a medium texture but with medium self-leveling properties and can be easily used by beginners.​

The Tixo Pink is a special one. The high viscosity of this gel drops down when the gel is manipulated with the gel brush. The viscosity restores itself to its original thickness once the gel is no longer manipulated. This gel can therefore be used by all experience levels.​


  • Transparent look
  • Extremely hard builder gel suitable for all nail types and nail biters
  • Suitable for extensions
  • Great for colour and French Manicure


  • Milky Pink camouflage look after curing
  • Extra strong builder gel​ that camouflages imperfect nail beds
  • Ideal for extensions of very short nail plates
  • Great for French Manicure


  • Natural look, transparent after curing
  • Most flexible Hard Builder gel for all nail types
  • Great for colour gel or French Manicure





  • Candy pink look & fruity-floral scent
  • Hard builder for all nail types
  • Can be used to build on 4 fingers at the same time
  • For colour gel & French Manicure



How to use?

Discover here how to choose between a Flexi Builder and Hard Builder gel.