Why use a Base gel?

The ProNails Base gels are naturally flexible and offer a perfect adhesion for every nail type.

  • They ensure the bonding of the natural nail with the builder gels. All ProNails Base gels are compatible with all ProNails Builder gels.
  • They are applied in a thin layer for perfect adhesion to the nail plate and are all transparent or semi-transparent on the nail after curing.
  • The Base Pink has a soft pink translucent colour.
  • All Base gels cure in 30 seconds Soft in the ProNails Smart Light.

Good to know

The Base gels come in two textures:
medium & very runny.

The medium texture (Base Clear & Base Pink) has medium self-leveling properties which makes them easy to apply for students and beginners or for extreme warm weather.

The very runny texture is extremely self-leveling
(Base Perfect & Flexi Base) and are mainly used by experienced Nail Technicians. This Base Perfect gel is also ideal for mixing in nail art glitter powders.

How to choose the perfect Base Gel?

In the range of the ProNails Base gels, you can choose between 4 Base gels. All of them provide an excellent bonding for any Builder gel. They are suitable for all nail types, they are transparent or semi-transparent and are suitable for 5 finger curing. Let's take a look at the difference between them.


  • Transparent 
  • Medium texture and strongly self-leveling
  • Easy application
  • Beginners level
  • Ideal for warm weather



  • Transparent with a soft pink shade
  • Medium texture and strongly self-leveling
  • Easy application
  • Beginners level
  • Ideal for warm weather



  • Transparent 
  • Very runny texture and extremely self-leveling
  • Allows high working speed
  • Medium to advanced level
  • Increases adhesion of builders on greasy & damaged nails




  • The miracle solution for flexible nails
  • Perfect adhesion to the natural nail
  • Easy brush-on application
  • Five finger curing
  • Very runny texture, extremely self-leveling
  • Improves wear of Master gel on flexible nails
  • Compatible with all ProNails Builder gels


How to use?

Learn more about the application of the Base gels and about the specifique features of each product.