Uñas ultra naturales

Ultra Natural Nails


Photoshop perfection within reach!


Today’s consumer wants natural looking nails. This is the most important reason why over 80% of all women haven’t tried gel nails. Nevertheless women want their nails to be strong, to look impeccable at all times and to have a nice natural length. Dream nails so to speak. ProNails keeps innovating to realise this dream for each of your clients.




Thanks to a new technique you won’t just be able to lengthen and reinforce the natural nail, you’ll also be creating extremely thin nails. By using Fiber Force these nails will in fact be ultra strong! You can attend our ULTRA NATURAL NAILS workshop at any of our ProNails training centers nearby. Think incognito gelnails, wafer-thin, yet strong. Think colour, French or just natural – the perfection for all nails is right within reach!




Women who were previously afraid of gel nails will be convinced quickly thanks to this new style. It looks naturally thin, yet it has all the advantages of gel nails. The shape and gloss you’ll give these nails will stay in perfect condition until the next refill, something which is really impressive to new gel customers.

You’ll be able to help even those clients who bite their nails or those with brittle short nails, because with this technique you can create any nail length. Are your customers fashion addicts and mostly wearing the latest colours? They too will adore this ultra-thin look. Adding colour to these ultra-natural gel nails will create beautifully thin and elegant nails. Nobody will suspect they are in fact gel nails!

You will also position your business smarter in the market. You are offering something your clients won’t be able to find anywhere else. Your current clients will also be impressed. They already loved your gel nails and they’ll love them even more now! And as you know, the revenue gained from gel clientele is a steady one: these clients keep coming back.



Unlike the traditional building technique using a bead of gel, this new technique uses the natural curving of the nail leading to a naturally thin result. The fiberglass in Fiber Force reinsures the reliable strength. During this workshop you’ll learn the new technique step by step and you’ll be able to try it out on a hand model under expert supervision. You’ll get first hand tricks and you’ll start practicing immediately. This new expertise will help you bring natural perfection to your clients’ nails. They’ll adore it!


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