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In 2017 we reformulated all our gels to LED/UV curable gels. If you want to know more about the ProNails gel range, check out the Tech Talk with the complete ProNails gel guide. This switch enables you as a stylist to work faster when choosing a gel that is LED curable.



Heat Spike

To explain the phenomenon of Heat Spike we need to talk chemistry. Gels that are used on nails consist of molecules that form a polymer. In gels we also have a component which is called a photoinitior which enables gels to react when they are placed in a LED (or UV) lamp.

This reaction is called curing. During this reaction and the bonding of the polymers heat is released. This is a normal chemical reaction that results in a cured gel. It is also this chemical reaction that can cause heat sensation on the nail.

At the start of the curing process more heat is released because more reactions take place simultaneously. So without going to much into detail: heat spike is a normal chemical consequence of the curing of any gel. When using a LED lamp, which is 4 times faster than UV, the heat production is more concentrated during the first seconds of curing. 

Heat spike is not a pleasant sensation for your client! And you want to minimise and even eliminate this stingy sensation at all time.



If you are, it's certainly not your intention to! Heat spike can be caused by serveral different reasons. Sometimes it's your client that is more prone to heat spike. But unfortunately very often it's the nail stylist herself that is causing an unpleasant feeling for her client. You as a nail stylist can do many things to control this sensation. Read our tips and treat your clients with the smoothest service possible!

In the ProNails Academy we offer a new workshop that will help you in preventing Heat Spike. You'll learn all the techniques you need to apply. Book your 3-hour workshop.


Use the right lamp

Use the right lamp

Invest in a quality lamp that is adapted to the chemistry of the gels that you are using in your salon. High quality brands developp their lamps and gels for an optimal curing result. Mixing and matching brands is not a good idea here!

Do not file to much

Do not over-file the nail plate

Over-filing is the number one reason your clients nails become over-sensitive and are more likely to suffer from a burning sensation during curing. This is completely in your own hands. Be carefull when doing a refill and make sure you don't overwork your client's nails, nor apply too much pressure.

Control the temperature in your salon

Control the temperature in your salon

Keeping the temperature in your salon stable, helps with controling heat spike. The energy and therefore the released heat is doubled with an increase of 10°C in your salon. That's why in summer you might notice more clients complaining about that burning sensastion.

Don’t use too much product

Don’t use too much product

ProNails gels are developed so that they are self-leveling and that they require less to no filing after curing. For you as a stylist this means that you need to use less product than you used to. When you use too much product, you're not only wasting it, but you are increasing the heat emission of the gel. In other words: you are increasing the burning sensation for your clients. More & thicker gel = higher heat spike. And remember when you use too much product it might also result in lifting problems due to undercuring of the gel. 

Work in multiple thin layers

Work in multiple thin layers

For clients who's nails are sensitive or damaged it's recommended to work in multiple thin layers. By working like this you reduce the heat emission per cured layer. Each previous layer acts as an insulation layer lowering the heat sensation on the nail.

Use the Smart Light

Use the Smart Light

The ProNails Smart Light is specially designed to help you as a nail stylist control the curing speed and thus the heat emission all gels. Next to the 30 & 60 sec FULL curing option, we have developped the SOFT curing options.
The SOFT curing starts curing at a lower capacity which reduces the heat that occurs in the first seconds of the gel reacting with the LED light.


With the Smart Light on your working table, you as a nail stylist are in control of everything: curing, heat emission and working speed. This LED lamp will be your best investment and most loyal salon companion. If you want to discover more about this lamp and all its features: read this. Here we'll only talk in detail about curing. 

The Smart Light has 4 timer buttons: 30 & 60 seconds in SOFT or FULL curing mode. The SOFT curing function is designed to eliminate Heat Spike by lowering the power output of the lamp at the start of the curing process, thus lowering the reactionspeed and consequently the heat emission. Investing in the Smart Light is investing in your client's comfort too. 

When to use which SOFT START function?

30 sec SOFT START begins curing at 40% of it's capacity and slowly increases to full capacity. 
60 sec SOFT START begins curing at 20% of it's capacity during the first 20sec and than slowly increases to full capacity. This 60 sec SOFT option is perfect for clients with sensitive or damaged nails. 

All ProNails base & builder gels can be cured in 30 sec SOFT START (or 60 sec SOFT START for sensitive nails).



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Get in full control in preventing heat sensation! Book the brand-new workshop "No more Heat Spike" and learn to apply all these tips and perfect your filing technique.

Smart Light

The Smart Light gives you full control of: curing, heat emission and working speed. Discover all about this LED-lamp.