Tech Talk Salon Safety Guidelines


From now on we’ll apply the following Salon Safety Guidelines at your favourite ProNails salon. These guidelines are applicable to both beauty professional and client. This is the only way to reduce contamination in your salon to an absolute minimum and protect both our clients and ourselves.


These important guidelines must always be followed in your salon:

  • Client and nail stylist will not shake hands or engage in any other form of physical contact.
  • Unless the stylist is treating the client, they shall maintain a distance of 1m50 at all times, unless there is a protective screen in between them.
  • If you feel unwell or start showing symptoms of illness, stay at HOME and reschedule your appointment. This goes for both stylist and client.


Observe the following guidelines in order to be able to work safely without risk to your own health, but also that of your customers.


Be on time for your appointment and in addition, come alone. Leave your partner, children, friends and pets at home.We try to restrict the amount of people present in the salon at the same time to a minimum. There should never be more than two people (apart from the stylist) at the salon, i.e. the present and next customer.


If there are multiple service tables in the salon and multiple stylists, we will take into account the social distancing rule of 1m50 by either rearranging tables or by scheduling fewer appointments at the same time.

Wear your own face mask

Make sure to wear your own face mask or use the one offered in the salon. Wear your face mask during the entire treatment. The stylist will of course do the same.


Hang your coat and hand bag on the back of the chair you’ll be sitting on. Leave your cell phone in your handbag during the entire treatment.


The stylist will invite you to wash your hands at the sink with Gentle Hand Soap, a professional antibacterial soap that doesn’t dry out your hands. Dry your hands with a paper tissue. If there is no running water in the salon, disinfect your hands using disinfectant spray. Sit down at the service table afterwards behind the protective screen (or so called “cough screen”).



Next your stylist will also wash her hands with soap and use a paper tissue to dry them. She too will take place at the service table on the other side of the protective screen. The stylist will put on a new set of gloves.


You will need to take some guidelines into account during your nail treatment in order to be able to work as safely as possible throughout the entire duration of your treatment.  

Reduce contamination

Offer her your hands underneath the protective screen and place them on the hand cushion. The stylist will again disinfect and degrease your hands using ProSeptic to reduce contamination to an absolute minimum. After this, refrain from touching your face during the treatment.

Nail dust collector

Time to start your treatment. The stylist will use a nail dust collector during filing and the entire treatment and remove the nail dust immediately after each treatment.


Extra care

You’ll end your treatment by applying a professional hand cream and cuticle oil, since your hands need extra care during these times. You can buy a protective hand care set at your salon to use at home!Protecting your nails and hands doesn't stop in the salon. You can also buy a protective hand care kit for your home in your salon!

Care kit

Protecting your nails and hands doesn't stop in the salon. You can also buy a protective hand care kit for your home in your salon!

Pay contactless

Please pay contactless for your treatment at the register or service table, using your card or banking app. This is also the perfect moment to schedule a new appointment.

The next customer

Take your own coat and hand bag. Your stylist will open the door for you. After the service, the stylist will disinfect and clean all used tools but also lamps, table, chair and so on while waiting for the next client.




After each treatment the stylist will clean and disinfect these items using Clinilotion and a paper tissue:

  • drill
  • all Smart Lights
  • all other used tools: files, brushes, bits …
  • table on both sides (client & stylist)
  • hand cushion
  • client’s chair
  • protective screen on both sides
  • doorknob and other surfaces the client might have touched during her visit (toilet …)

While waiting for the next client, the stylist will place a new paper towel at the service table, together with a new face mask. No fabric towels will be used in the salon, only paper ones. Between treatments the salon will be aired out as much as possible.




What guidelines should you follow? We have compiled all the information in a webinar. You can review it via the link below. Or download the guidelines in a clear PDF. You can also share this with your customers so that they are well informed.