Gel Polish l workshop

Gel Polish Workshop

Make your clients happy! Sopolish, ProNails Gel Polish, guarantees fourteen days of perfectly polished nails in any colour you like! On top of that, Sopolish Protect & Peel ensures your clients their natural nails are well protected. Thanks to our signature treatment their nails will repair, even improve underneath the Gel Polish layer. No buffing, no drilling, no filing – with the utmost respect for the natural nail. Convince an entirely new clientele!

Where and when?


Learn to apply gel polish as a professional!

Sopolish, ProNails gel polish, is easy to apply thanks to the ergonomically developed brushes. Both the base, color and gloss glide naturally over the natural nail. You only need to know the correct dosage and use the perfect application method to do the nails of every customer.

You can choose from different workshops based on the removal method. Both systems have their own advantages. If you ask us? Follow them both!


Sopolish Easy Peel & Easy Soak

What makes Sopolish Easy peel so special is that you can easily remove it after 14 days with the Peel-off method! Your customer will be delighted with how easy they can remove their Sopolish at home or in your salon with the help of nothing but a Polish Corrector Pen, and without damaging the natural nail.

A new & improved formula of the Sopolish Easy Soak, which allows faster and easier soak-off removal, while ensuring a long lasting Sopolish wear for more than 14 days. No time to waste, in 5 minutes the job is done!

During the training a hand of the model is done with Easy Soak and the other hand with Easy Peel, both systems are very easy to apply and deliver a super thin and natural looking result.


Follow the Sopolish Easy Peel & Easy Soak workshop if you want to learn all the secrets of this method. 


Sopolish Care, Protect & Peel

Sopolish Protect & Peel doesn’t just take care of beautifully polished nails for two whole weeks, it’s the only peel-off system that really nourishes and protects the natural nails at the same time! The nails are being cared for thanks to our nourishing serum applied to the nails underneath the Vital Nailskin. Our Serum will make nails smoother, it will nourish and repair the nail and stimulate growth, resulting in beautifully healthy and super strong nails!


Follow the Sopolish Care, Protect & Peel workshop if you want to learn all the secrets of this method. 


You will receive a certificate after following the workshops.