Gel Polish - Easy Peel & Easy Soak

Sopolish - Easy Peel & Easy Soak

Follow the Sopolish Easy Peel & Easy Soak workshop if you want to learn all the secrets of this method. 

Where and when?


Sopolish Easy Peel & Easy Soak

What makes Sopolish Easy peel so special is that you can easily remove it after 14 days with the Peel-off method! Your customer will be delighted with how easy they can remove their Sopolish at home or in your salon with the help of nothing but a Polish Corrector Pen, and without damaging the natural nail.

A new & improved formula of the Sopolish Easy Soak, which allows faster and easier soak-off removal, while ensuring a long lasting Sopolish wear for more than 14 days. No time to waste, in 5 minutes the job is done!


During the training a hand of the model is done with Easy Soak and the other hand with Easy Peel, both systems are very easy to apply and deliver a super thin and natural looking result.