PN LongWear Finish 10 ml

Ref 28884

The perfect finish!

  • Sealing top coat that provides an incredible shine
  • Guarantees a record-setting wear time
Why you love it

A perfect wear for 7 days thanks to the LongWear ColourFIX Technology™

  • Incredible shine
  • Record-setting wear time: 7 days perfect wear
  • LongWear ColourFIX Technology™
  • Easy & fast removal with non-acetone polish remover

LongWear finishing top coat for a record-setting wear time and perfect shine. Thanks to the LongWear ColourFIX Technology™ the LongWear Start - Colour - Finish will give you a flawless wear for 7 days. You don't need LED or UV light. Just air dry and enjoy 80+ ultra-covering musthave colours!

  • Clean the nails thoroughly before applying LongWear Start.
  • Apply one coat of LongWear Start on all ten nails.
  • Apply two layers of LongWear Colour and let dry for 2 minutes.
  • Apply one coat of LongWear Finish and let dry.

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