Problem Solving Workshops

As a nail professional it is your ambition to keep improving and to continue growing your business. More and new clients, means you might have to deal with new issues. What's the condition of their nails? Have they faced any problems in the past? Your main concern is to give all your clients perfect longlasting nails.
The new Solution Workshops will answer any problem you as a professional nail stylist might have and they will boost your skills to a whole new level. 
Choose the perfect workshop for you and work with great confidence, day in and day out.

Where and when?


A solution for any nail problem!

We spoke with several nail stylists and learned that no matter how experienced you are, most of the time, you face the same issues when it comes to your client's nails.

That's why these new workshops are perfect for you. They are an answer to some of the things that give you stress in your job. 
Working without worries is more than only investing in the best products and maintaining an impeccable hygiene in your salon. It's also about having the right technique to tackle any nail problem your client may have.