Born in the 80s collection

Fabulous Forty! ProNails turns 40 this year and it’s a sight to behold. Forty fabulous years in the nail industry full of experiences we’ve shared together. No doubt 2021 will be a year to celebrate! 

We could bring out the party glitters and pop the champagne, but we’d rather bring you what you love most about us: the newest trend colours, as well as limited-edition salon must-haves!  

Knowing the best things are born in the eighties, this collection will go bolder than those typical shoulder pads from back in the days. Live life bold and colourful, right? 


You’re a true eighties soap diva with this scarlet red on your nails. Your opponents don’t even stand a chance: you’ll wrap them around your finger with ease. And your fans won’t just beg you for an autograph, they’ll need the number of your nail stylist too! 

This lively red fits every beauty. Match your nails to your red-hot lipstick and the Kiss crew will wish they had chosen a different name. 


What taboo do you want to break? Maybe during your next appointment? Choose this powerful lilac: it’ll look like Prince ordered a shower of Purple Rain for your nails.  

Do you like to stand out the right way? This iconic purple-blue shade on your nails will make you long for past trends to come back for good. Your statement is easily made. 




Trendsetters opt for colour combinations that aren’t that obvious. Sporting light green nails wearing hot pink dungarees and snow-white sneakers? You know how to win a popularity contest with this eye candy! 

This stylish green will help you dance the night (and forgotten pop icons) away! A new star is born! We know where to aim our confetti cannon! 


A big glass of orange juice to get you going every morning? Is the warmth of the sun your true juice of life? This fun(ky) colour is right up your alley! Pure nostalgia taking you back to vintage days. 

This fresh popping colour makes eyes sparkle and brings about big smiles. A bright orange shade with a red glow fits any mood! 


Hi, school sweetheart! Are you a true bubblegum lover? School’s out! Time to have a bubble-blowing competition while anxiously waiting for that date with your crush to arrive (that in the end wasn’t all that). Do you still remember that blockbuster you loved? Or the pinball machine that had you hooked at the arcade – minding your well-manicured nails, of course? 

This soft pink, milky candy colour makes you long for a Bubble Tape or the biggest cotton candy you’ve ever seen! 




These sweet coloured nails will flash you back to hot summer days with fresh scooped ice-cream and an old school soda. The sweetest sin in those days probably was cheesy 80s pop music – thank heavens it wasn’t bad for your teeth! 

This watermelon pink, filled with sugar sweet glitters, is brighter than seductive neon lights. This colour will give you a sugar rush keeping you up for a couple of weeks! 

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