Bridal Nails

Bridal Nails

We can't think of a better reason to create beautiful nail art than a wedding! It's quite an honour if your client trusts you enough to let you take care of her nails on her big day. Her hands will be in the spotlights all day because of that ring. You just HAVE to make sure your nails are perfect! Getting stressed out already? Don't worry! On this wedding nails nail art workshop we'll provide you with some great ideas to make all sorts of romantic designs creating a refined look for your bride!

Where and when?


We'll work with soft, romantic shades during this workshop. Think soft pink or nudes, but even a special french manicure can be a great idea. We'll combine these shades with glitter or subtle gems, but we'll also look into some more difficult designs. No two brides are the same, no to sets of wedding nails should be either!

Bridal nails are a perfect reason to follow this workshop. You know you'll be able to help your brides out at least once. But maybe, if you created something totally fabulous, they might come back