Elementary Collection

Elementary Collection
Elementary Collection

The Elementary Collection




Fall in love with these natural colours that find their roots in mother earth herself. Choose from this coloured landscape of glowing skin, burning earth, lilac sky and liquid golden sunlight. Express your natural beauty and bring out your inner goddess. A soft whisper or a bold statement? Your nails flow effortlessly from summer to winter, without losing that summer glow. Just find what compliments both your skin and personality. Find what compliments you!

Melted Marshmellow


A colour of pale powdery stones to withstand the elements and the hand of time. Pair with a bohemian, floaty dress and release your inner earth goddess.




There‘s a new natural tone on the horizon. This new nude is a tanned skin tone that holds on to that summer glow, while complimenting every shade of you.


Spark the fire


Look smouldering hot this season. This deep glistening amber colour is the perfect match for maximalist fashion, Guccistyle, or more subtle outfits. Whatever your choice, you will light everyone’s fire. You glow, girl!


Lilac Sky


When the blue sky touches the burning red earth and turns lilac, that’s when you feel blessed to be alive. No wonder this magical colour holds such power.

Let Love Flow


The colour rises in your cheeks when you see the one you love. You softly bite your lip, because you are a little shy. Let your nails mirror your emotions with this blush colour. Pure love, from head to toe.

Red Earth


Feet firmly planted on the ground, because you are not an airhead! Right? Travel places, meet new faces and let your nails do the talking with this fiery mandarin red colour.

Colour is your power

Every good nail technician is a professional colorist. With the right nail colour, you empower your customer, by giving her both confidence & style. You allow her to express her unique personality. The art of perfectly applying colour on the nail, requires true skill and expertise, as well as professional top quality products. As a nail stylist choosing the right colour is your power. Your power to let your customer shine.

Get Inspired

Earthy hues and natural materials are a great source of inspiration in fashion, beauty and design. Natural stone effects such as marble or terrazzo are not only for your interior, but are also a perfect look for your nails!