Competition rules



This competition is organized by Professionails nv (“ProNails”), company registration number KBO: 0432.600.303. Located at: Ruiterijschool 11, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium. The competition is being organized through ProNail’s Instagram page (@pronails_hq)and communicated via the website ( This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by nor associated with Instagram. The present competition rules lay down the general conditions to participate in the “ProNails Paradiso Summer Competition” organized by ProNails via Instagram.


The period for entering your submission starts on May 6th 2019 and ends on July 8th 2019 at midnight. All entries submitted outside this period will be invalid and automatically disqualified. After July 8th the second part of the competition will take part. Eight quarter finalists will go head-to-head competing for the prize. On July 23rd 2019 the winner will be announced. For more details on how this will take place, read article 5 of these competition rules.


To enter the competition you have to upload a photograph of a summer nail look, using the ProNails summer collection colours, on Instagram using the hashtag #PronailsParadiso and you have to tag @pronails_hq in your post. The summer nail look has to contain any (one or more) of the following ProNails Gellak, Sopolish or LongWear colours:

Paradiso Collection: Rainbow Collection:
Pink Flamingo Buena Vista Sista
Whatta Watermellon Red Earth
American Beauty Mambo Mango
Law of the Jungle Despacito Mojito
Buckle Up Buttercup Caribbean Chevy
Live Wild Flowerchild Ink it, Link it


You can add any of the ProNails Nail Art to your look. Feel free to hashtag or mention the products and colours you have used in your summer nail look. The competition is open to all professional nail stylists who use the above mentioned ProNails products. You can enter the competition with multiple summer looks if you want to increase your chances of winning. The submitted summer look must contain at least 1 or more ProNails colours. Preferably described in the submitted post.

At the moment of participation the participant must be at the age of 18 years old. The participant must live in one of the ProNails Distribution Countries. (You can find the complete list here:

The participant, when entering the competition, must have all the necessary documents to be able to travel.

The Instagram profile of the participant must be open to public. The profile can be of a person or that of their own personal business. The competition will only be valid on Instagram.

There is no other platform that will be open for competition. And only when using the correct hashtag #PronailsParadiso and by mentioning @pronails_hq your uploaded photograph will be eligible for entering the competition. Any entries that do not comply with the above criteria will be automatically disqualified.


As said above, the competition consists of two main parts. The first part is the entry part which takes place from May 6th 2019 until July 8th 2019. During this period nail stylists can enter their Summer Nail Look to compete for the main prize. After July 8th 2019 the second part of the competition will take place: the voting. During this period ProNails will host a voting between the eligible candidates. This voting will take place on the Instagram page of Pronails HQ. Voting will happen via a poll using Instagram Stories.

4.1. Jury:
The judging of all entries in the summer competition will be done by a ProNails jury. The jury is composed with ProNails professionals who each have their own field of expertise:

  • Creative Director ProNails
  • Product Development Director ProNails
  • International Head of Training ProNails
  • Communication & Marketing ProNails Italia
  • Trainer and ProNails Distributor Belgium

Judging will happen following these criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Use of ProNails colours & products
  • Quality of execution
  • Photography & visual appearance

Scoring will be done by granting 25 points per criterium. The eight entries with the highest judges scores will make it to the voting part of the competition, namely the quarter finals.

4.2. Voting set-up
The set-up of the competition after choosing the final 8 will be held following this set-up.


4.3. Quarter final
The eight entries with the highest score will compete in a head-to-head voting via Instagram story of ProNails_hq for a spot in the final 4. The voting between the final 8 will take place on July 15th 2019 from 10 AM (CEST) until July 16th 2019 10 AM (CEST). The final 4 will be decided based on the most votes via Instagram Story. The scoring of Instagram will be decisive.

4.4. Semi-final
The semi-final will take place between the best 4. E.i: the winners of the head-to-head of the quarter final. The semi-final consist of a popularity voting via ProNails_hq Instagram Story on July 19th 2019 from 10AM (CEST) until July 20th 2019 10AM (CEST). The two finalists are the winners of the voting. The result of the poll in Instagram Story will determine the winner.

4.5. Final
On July 22th 2019 at 10AM (CEST) the final 2 nail stylists will go head-to-head in competing for the ultimate prize. Voting will happen via Instagram Story on the ProNails_hq page. The winner is the stylist who gets the most votes. Voting ends on July 23rd 2019 at 10AM (CEST).

4.6. Winner
The winner is the nail stylist who has the most popular nail design. Popularity will be decided, as said, via an Instagram Story poll that starts on July 22nd 2019 at 10AM (CEST) and ends on July 23rd 2019 at 10AM (CEST).


The prize of the summer competition is a travel check with a maximum value of €2000 (VAT included). This travel check includes a 4-day trip for 2 people to the Paradiso hotel in Ibiza. The travel check is valid for covering the cost of the hotel and flights. Travel insurance and personal expenses are not covered by ProNails nor the value of the travel check.

The departure date of the trip and the cost of the trip is determined in consultation with the travel provider A1 Reizen / Action Travel NV. The prize can only be redeemed via our travel provider (A1 Reizen / Action Travel NV at Brasschaat, Belgium) and will happen on their terms and conditions.

Contact details A1 Reizen | Action Travel NV Bredabaan 459, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium. Phone: +32 3 652 16 56. E-mail:


Prizes are not transferable or substitutable and must be accepted as awarded. The prize will not be exchanged for cash. In the event, any element of any prize becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the reasonable control of ProNails, ProNails shall provide a substitute prize at its sole discretion.

The winner has a certain period of time to take the trip. The trip has to be booked and taken between this period: august 2019 until December 2020.The winner who, for whatever reason, does not take the trip within said period automatically forfaits the price and cannot claim money or any other compensation from ProNails and/or the travel provider. The prize will then be available again to ProNails and/or the travel provider. The winning trip is always in the name of the winner and may not be exchanged or converted into money in any way, regardless of the channel. It is also forbidden to offer the prize for free or in an auction in any way. If it would appear that the winner offers the prize for sale, ProNails has the right to withdraw or reclaim the prize. The winner then cannot claim any money or compensation. The prize will then be available again to ProNails and/or the travel provider.


The value of the prize covers a maximum value of €2000. If, after consultation with the travel provider, the agreed trip results in an amount lower than the maximum amount, the winner has no right to claim the balance. This balance will be forfeited. If, after consultation with the travel provider, the trip on the requested date equals an amount higher than the maximum of €2000, the winner is responsible to pay the difference in order to complete the booking of the requested trip. If the winner withstands from paying the difference for the trip, a new date needs to be picked out. ProNails will only pay up to a maximum of €2000 as described in section 5.


If in the selection of the top 8 there would be an ex aequo between entries, the following procedure will apply:

  • If two entries have the same score, their place will be determined by looking into the scoring per criterium. This means that the total judges’ scoring of Creativity will determine the place of the entry.
  • If this score is also equal, the following criterium will determine and so on.
  • If all scores are equal, the total score of the Creative Director will determine the final score.

If an ex aequo happens during the voting in the quarter final, semi-final or final: the judges’ scoring will be taken into account to determine the winner of that round.

ProNails can at any time exclude someone from the competition if ProNails thinks the posted content with the competition hashtag is a/o abusive, racist, harmful, disrespectful, a copyright infringement, spam or not related to the topic of the competition.

Direct ProNails employees, as well as individuals directly involved in the competition are not eligible for winning the prize. Participants who not meet the requirements stated in section 3 will be eliminated from the judges’ vote and will not stand a chance of winning the prize.

If ProNails_hq cannot access a participant’s feed in Instagram, because the latter’s account is set on private, said participant will also be excluded from the competition.

If ProNails can not determine if the used colours are any of the ones mentioned in section 3 (due to not mentioning the used colours, mixing own colours or using filter in a way that the colour is distorted) the entry will also not be eligible to win the prize.

All incomplete or non-conforming entries and their entrants will be disqualified.

ProNails is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry information caused by human error which may occur in the receipt or processing of the entries.


ProNails is not responsible for any damage, theft, physical injuries or accidents that may occur as a result of winning a prize and/or participating in the competition. ProNails is not responsible for the inability to deliver a prize if the participant provided insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details when participating. If the prize is not collected by the winner within the stipulated period or if the winner does not complete the required (confirmation) formalities within the stipulated period, the participant loses his right to the prize and ProNails may award the prize to another participant, without any recourse.

Printing, spelling, typesetting or other errors as well as technical problems (including e.g. e-mail communication) cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation or liability whatsoever on the part of/at the expense of ProNails.

If ProNails is forced to postpone, shorten or withdraw the competition, change the competition rules or change the competition formula, ProNails cannot be held liable in any way. If the course of the competition should be disturbed by a technical incident, ProNails shall do its utmost to neutralize these distracting effects.

ProNails cannot be held liable for any disadvantage that may result from these technical incidents. In general, any and all decisions of ProNails and the results are irrevocable and binding.


By participating in ProNails' competitions, the participant fully accepts these competition rules and all decisions that ProNails will make in connection with the competition. All additional announcements in connection with the competition shall be considered at point with the rules. If required, ProNails may amend these general competition rules. These rules shall be published on the ProNails website and may be printed there if desired. Winner assumes liability for costs, expenses, injuries, theft and/or damages of any kind caused or claimed to be caused by participating in the competition, or by the acceptance, possession or use of any prize.

By entering, all entrants agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless ProNails, and its agents, as well as Instagram, from any claim, injury, damage, liability or loss that may arise, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from the participation in this competition, including without limitation, third-party intellectual party claims arising out of or relation to any entry and/or from the acceptance, receipt and/or use of any prize.


By submitting an entry, the participant consents to give ProNails a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, create derivative works from, and display his entry in whole or in part, on a worldwide basis, and to incorporate it into other works, in any form, media or technology now known or later developed, including for promotional or marketing purposes. If requested, the participant will sign any documentation that may be required for ProNails to complete said license.

By participating into this competition the participant agrees and consents that ProNails and its designees may use his name, location, likeness, photo biographical and/or prize information in connection with this competition for promotional, advertising or other purposes, worldwide, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including printed media, mobile media and the Internet, without limitation and without payment, notification, permission or other consideration, except where prohibited by law. Subject to applicable privacy laws, all entry information collected may be used for ProNails's internal purposes, but will not be provided or sold to third parties, except as necessary for the administration of the competition or as legally or contractually required.


For questions about this competition, the participant can contact ProNails via The result is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be challenged. No correspondence (by letter, e-mail or telephone) can be entered into with ProNails about the results and the course of the competition. Decisions to appoint winners are final.