Brush-On Finishing gels

Finishing Glosses
Finishing Glosses

Brush-On Finishing Gels

A finishing gel is like the cherry on the cake. This last step is crucial in your work as a nail technician.  "Seal the deal" and protect your beautiful work for weeks to come with the right finishing gel. Discover our newest and our best-selling brush-on finishing gels. Learn all about their benefits and differences. 

Maxx Gloss


"Scratch Free Non Yellowing Top Coat"

The New Maxx Gloss is a LED UV Finishing Gel with sticky layer, that offers a maximum shine to every gel nail that is extremely scratch resistant and long lasting. It protects the colour intensity without ever yellowing after sun exposure. The Maxx Gloss has an easy brush-on application and cures in 30 FULL in the PN Smart Light.

  • Long lasting Shine
  • Maximum Scratch Free
  • Maximum Colour Protection
  • NEVER yellowing
  • With sticky layer

How to apply the Maxx Gloss and Xtreme Matt Finishing Gloss


Maxx Gloss

Tips about Maxx Gloss

Xtreme Matt



"No wipe matt top coat"

A Matt effect on gel nails is incredibly elegant, especially on soft earthy tones. It can also give a beautiful realistic stone effect on marble nail designs. The Xtreme Matt finishing gel has a new formula to ensure a long lasting and beautiful matt finishing look. This time-saving special effect finish has an easy brush-on application which cures in 30 seconds FULL in the PN Smart Light without sticky layer. Just brush, cure and go.

  • Matt velvet finishing look
  • Long lasting & scratch resistant
  • Non yellowing
  • No wipe
  • Easy brush-on application – cures in 30 sec. SOFT in the PN Smart Light
  • Protective finish for all ProNails gels


"No wipe non yellowing top coat"

The ProNails Crystal Seal is a ‘no wipe’ gloss gel without sticky layer. This makes it timesaving, and also ideal for customers with sensitive allergy-prone skin, since wiping off the sticky layer gives more skin contact with the gel. It gives a beautiful high gloss shine, is non yellowing and therefore extremely suitable for use on French manicure or light colours.

  • High Gloss Shine
  • Suitable for use on French manicure or light colours
  • Non yellowing
  • Easy brush-on application – cures in 30 sec. FULL in the PN Smart Light
  • No Wipe / No sticky layer after curing
  • Timesaving
  • More suitable for customers with allergy-prone skin


"Scratch free high gloss finnish"

The Diamond Seal is the perfect high glossy finish that can be applied on any LED/UV Gel application. Diamond Seal never fades or dulls.

  • Perfect high glossy finish for dark colour gels
  • Scratch free
  • Easy brush-on application
  • Cures in 30 sec. FULL in the PN Smart Light
  • Never fades or dulls