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Why Vison Pro 700 is a must!

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As a nail professional you create immaculate nails every single day. But do you use the right tools to maximize your productivity and make your work as comfortable as possible for yourself and your client? For a nail stylist this all comes down to using the right Nail drill. With the new Vision Pro 700 you’ll elevate your work to a higher standard.

Our nail experts will tell you all about it!

“This nail machine is the Rolls Royce of machines. Nothing truly compares to its quality. The VP700 is a real professional machine that easily handles intensive use without losing its power. Often machines lose their capability to file over the years, but this beauty remains as effective as the very first day you have switched it on.

With this machine you as a nail stylist have full control over what it does and how fast or slow it files. If you are just starting out, this machine will adapt itself to your speed of work. If you are very experienced and like to work faster, the VP700 can spin up to 30,000RPM. You decide how you want to work. Your chosen speed is always visible on the machine.


Are you left handed or right handed? Do you have a favourite speed for removing gel and one for the finer work? Let the VP700 remember this for you in its memory function. When sharing the same machine in a salon, you can each save your personal settings.


And last but not least, I think this machine is indispensable because it cares for me and my health. In the hand piece it has a built in dust retraction. All fine dust is immediately extracted. Working with this nail drill also reduces the impact doing nails on a daily basis has on your body. Bye bye glitters! Bye bye neck pains!”

-Sandrine Roelants, Head International Trainer at ProNails.


If you want to learn more about how this machine works, click here!


“I’ve been educating ProNails Students for years and our training center is equipped with these machines. Our students can easily adapt the machine to their level. This way they can start using it at a lower speed, and speed it up gradually as they gain more experience. In my class I sometimes have 15 students who are filing away a set of gel nails. With the Vision Pro 700 I’m never worried about too much dust and the health risk that comes with it. The VP700 is very effective when it comes to retracting fine dust.

An additional bonus is that the VP700 is very quiet. Having 15 of them on at the same time is acceptable. I don’t have to shout and my students can hear me very well. This is also what you need in your salon. A nail service should be a relaxing moment for your client. If you have some nail machine that is extremely loud, it just ruins this perfect moment. And it also makes it more difficult to have a social interaction with your client. Might not seem that important, but it actually is. It’s your moment of bonding.


And last but not least, I like it when a machine is practical. The VP 700 is easy to clean and if it needs maintenance, the machine itself with tell you. And for all you Vision Pro 700 users out there, I’ll share my secret tip to keep your machine in perfect condition for years to come: Besides changing the dust bag the minute the light goes on and changing the filter after every 5 dust bags, you should take 30 seconds at the end of each day, and quickly clean out the hand piece with the included cleaning brush. It’s little work, but it will mean a world of difference to your machine.”

–Marina Van Der Donck, training Academy


! Never take on electric filing without proper education. Take a workshop at a ProNails Academy Center near you and we’ll teach you all tricks of the trade to have  the  best  and safest results. You can find all data and locations here.

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