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What’s the best solution for your customers?

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Nail polish, gel nails or something in between?

There are a number of different ways to turn nails into beautiful jewels. You can create gel nails that also strengthen the natural nails and guarantee long lasting hassle-free, beautiful hands. Or you can go for nail varnish in a myriad of different colours to suit moods and outfits. And then you have a third option (the golden mean), semi-permanent nail varnish that offers the best of both worlds.

But how do you, as a nail technician, decide which is the best option for your customers?

ProNails is here to give you advice.


Your customers all have different needs and wishes and of course different nails. Not everyone is aware which solution is the most beautiful, of the best quality and the most effective for them. This is why it is important to make sure you ask your customers the right questions if they have not yet decided what they want. If your customer identifies with the following statements you, her trusted nail technician, can offer her the perfect solution.


“I want guaranteed long lasting perfect nails at all times and wherever I am.”

The best solution for this customer is gel nails. Gel nails last at least four weeks. Your customer will not have to worry about the colour fading or the varnish chipping. Gel nails are a safe option and they always look great. And thanks to the ultra natural look of gel nails your customers have exactly what we promise: nails that look perfectly natural! 


“My own nails are brittle and need extra protection.”

These nails clearly need strengthening. And for this we recommend Sopolish semi-permanent nail polish combined with a Vital Nail Serum treatment. This nourishing therapy repairs nails while giving customers the advantage of perfect and beautiful nails. This is a truly personalised solution!



“I like to match the colour of my nails with my outfits.”

For this kind of requirement, the perfect solution is LongWear. Thanks to high-quality classic nail varnish, your customer can change the colour of her nail varnish as often as she likes so that it matches her outfits and her moods. Make sure you give her an excellent base from which to start by giving her the perfect manicure and explain how she should apply LongWear nail varnish. Send her home with a selection of her favourite colours and don’t forget to include Start and Finish products in her package and hey presto there goes yet another happy customer.



“I only have time to visit my nail technician once a month.”

In this case, the best solution you can offer your customer is gel nails. This way she will only have to visit you once a month and she can display her beautiful hands without any worries for the whole month before her next visit to you. Help her to manage her diary and make a new appointment for her next treatment. If you know that she is extremely busy, offer her your first appointment of the day so that she doesn’t have to wait should you be running a bit late.


“I have a very busy schedule and want my visits to my nail technician to be short, efficient and effective.”

As an expert nail technician with experience using Sopolish you will be able to apply this in a good half an hour on condition that your customer has already removed the old Sopolish. Make sure that you provide a good explanation about how to remove Sopolish and offer her a Sopolish Peel Aid flyer to take with her. This has clear instructions about how simple, speedy and nail-friendly Sopolish is. She will be a number one fan in no time.



“I want my visit to the nail salon to be a moment of sheer pampering!”

She wants the ‘Full Option’ therefore. A full manicure is one of the basic elements in her treatment of course and this is your chance to find out exactly what she wants. Does she want to ensure some ‘me time’ each week or even twice a week? Then LongWear or Sopolish is the ideal solution for her. But if she just wants her ‘me time’ to be a monthly treat, then you should go for gel nails. And we think you will also be able to convince her of the therapeutic benefits of a heavenly pedicure.



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