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Our tips for summer proof hands & feet.

Staycation or on holiday abroad?

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Our tips for summer proof hands & feet

A holiday abroad or a joyful staycation is getting closer! This means your clients are all going the book their appointments during the upcoming weeks. Because who doesn’t want beautiful, neat, well-cared hands & feet this summer. Right?

Make sure you don’t forget to offer some summer essentials after every salon treatment. Those products can be used at home and will fit perfectly in every travel bag. That’s how your client can keep on caring for her hands & feet with her beloved ProNails products. On top of that, it’s the perfect way to make the feeling of her salon treatment last a little bit longer. And you? You will be selling more and more products. The turnover in your salon will be growing each day.


Always soft & nourished hands

The well-known products for hand and nail care also exist in a handy on-the-go packaging, with max. 100 ml. This makes them suitable for the hand luggage. When travelling, hands can feel rough. There is no doubt the dry airplane air, the salt sea water and swimming pools are the main reasons for that. Advise your clients to take an Anti-Age Hand Cream Rich or Anti-Age Lightweight Hand Cream in their luggage or purse. Both creams will make the hands feel really soft. The Rich Cream even protects to UV radiations, thanks to the integrated spf 15 sunscreen.


Give the nails some rest

Do your clients want naturally and well-cared nails when they are on holiday? This Nail Treatment product line is pure pampering! For dry nails you could advise the Vitamina Cuticle Oil. For brittle nails advise the Nail Serum. This serum doesn’t only nourish the nails, also growth will be boosted. The nails will be stronger than ever! To become the best results, these two nail care products should be used on a daily base.


Colourful vacation thanks to > 120 LongWear colours

Your clients have booked a long trip? Then offer them some variety with different LongWear colours. Perfect for women who want to match their nail colour with their outfit.

Or maybe they are looking for a perfect match with their newly chosen nail colour? Then these nail polishes are really perfect! The most ProNails colours are available in Gellak, Sopolish and Longwear, so mix & match!


Made a mistake ? Polish Corrector Pen to the rescue!

Thanks to this Polish Corrector Pen small mistakes can be corrected in a blink. Nobody will see them anymore!


A treat for the feet

During summer your clients will often wear open shoes. Beautiful and callus-free feet are really a must! Thanks to the lovely Callus Off spray, combined with the Magic Foot File and Magic Toe File, their heels and toes will look reborn. Also the Cracked Heel Foam is very softening.

All those products, made for using at home, are the ideal addition to your cosmetic pedicure during their holidays.


Keep it cool

The Cooling Leg & Foot Lotion is really refreshing, there where you need it. This revitalizing product will guarantee a fresh feeling. On top of that, it works calming and is very hydrating thanks to the magical ingredient: ‘Aloë Vera’. Do you have clients who are complaining about red, swollen or fatigued legs and feet on hot summer days? You surely can advise this product to them. They will be grateful!


Only traveling with hand luggage?

Most of these beauty essentials contain max. 100 ml. That makes them the perfect travel buddies! Please make sure no client leaves your salon and returns home without any of those products! 

We wish you and your clients a very relaxing and pleasant holiday!

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