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Make 2017 the best year ever for your salon!

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We all make good resolutions at the beginning of the year: doing more exercise, going to bed early, etc. - the classics. We’d like to add an extra one: Make 2017 a magnificent year for your business. We’ve listed the top 6 tips to ensure that this resolution can become reality. 


1. Let the whole world know that you exist

The time of flyers is over. There are so many smarter ways of reaching new customers today. Start a business page on Facebook where you can stay in touch with everyone and keep them up-to-date, or you can share your latest creations on Instagram. And that’s just for starters. 

-> Make time in your diary to update your social media at least twice a week. This is a minimum. You make stunning new creations every day don’t you? So why not make a resolution to post something every evening? 



2. Inspire customers

New collections, beautiful new colours, new looks. Customers are more than happy to pay a little bit more for personal nail art. The perfect way to boost your turnover – an opportunity to be grabbed instantly.

-> Make sure this is not just a resolution. Book a nail art workshop today and learn how to create stunning nails in a jiffy. A simple way to increase your turnover.



3. Offer customers what they really want

ProNails has come up with a stunning Anti-Age Hand Care line with products that every customer should have in her handbag. And thanks to LongWear they can also enjoy perfectly painted nails at home too: the ideal complement to a manicure in your salon.

-> Present your sales arguments while carrying out your treatment. Your customers will thank you for it afterwards. 




4. Adopt an efficient work style and save time

An efficient mindset begins with an organised approach. Keep your diary up to date and make the next appointment while carrying out each treatment. There are also tools to help you save time. The Silicon Diamond Tool for instance turns nail art into child’s play, and thanks to The Light with LED technology, gels harden in just 30 seconds. Work it out for yourself.

-> Digitisation is the name of the game today. Use an online calendar (such as Google Calendar) to keep your appointments up to date. Your colleagues can also consult them if you give them access. Super handy and always to hand.  

5. Be the best version of yourself

Stay focused and full of energy – your passion will radiate throughout your salon and communicate itself to your customers. Be alert, take sufficient time to relax and pamper yourself and take all the refresher courses you can. This hones your creativity and we all know how important this is in your profession.

-> Book a workshop today and pick up some great new ideas. But make sure to take some time to look after yourself. Take a day off. Enjoy some free time. Perhaps it’s time to recruit a new member of staff in your salon this year for instance.



6. Smart marketing ideas will set you on the right track

What about a member get member campaign with an attractive discount? Or a loyalty card? And a campaign on social media will give these the perfect boost.

-> Turn this resolution into reality straight away and create a special campaign for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you have enough red in your shop and think about specific nail art for this special moment. 

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