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Is your nail salon ready for the bridal season?

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On no other day are nails a greater focus of attention than on a woman’s wedding day. When the bride holds her bridal bouquet, when her betrothed looks into her eyes and slips the wedding ring on her finger… cameras click and flash in all directions and all lenses are focused on the hands of the bride.

Brides-to-be also want to be sure that their nails have never looked better for this very special day. This occasion is often the first time that the bride-to-be has crossed the threshold of a nail salon. An opportunity for you to acquire a new customer for life therefore. But how do you go about ensuring that your nail studio is totally ‘bride friendly’? Read our tips to find out!


1. Learn all about bridal nails

Your first step of course is to make sure you know what bridal nails actually are. Will you offer a French manicure or will you go for something a little more extravagant? Will you choose to use semi-permanent nail polish or even better will you choose gel nails for your special customer? The ProNails Bridal Nails nail art workshop teaches you all the tips and tricks of the trade for creating beautiful bridal nails. You will discover all types of romantic designs so that you can go on to create personalised elegant looks for your customers. No two brides are the same of course, which means that no two sets of bridal nails should be identical either. 

2. Make your website wedding proof

Make sure that your nail studio is wedding friendly both online as well as offline. Use special texts on your website and social media and make sure you include high-quality visuals and photos. A nail salon that offers bridal nails must exude an air of sophistication, expertise and reliability. One element that is very important if you are to achieve this is to use high-quality visuals. Your online presence is your business card and customers often take a peep online before deciding which nail salon they will entrust their precious hands to.  

We like to make things as easy as possible for you at ProNails, click here to download a few attractive visuals that you can use on your social media and/or your website! (TIP: click on the image right mouse click and save image)



3. Become best friends with the bride

You will make the best impression in your salon by making sure you pamper the bride-to-be. Give her an exclusive treatment; treat her to a glass of champagne. Offer her a little bit extra such as a discount on a pedicure before she goes on her honeymoon, or a discount if her bridesmaids also come to your salon so that they also look absolutely tip-top for the occasion. Why? A satisfied customer is a customer who will come back again and again. To encourage this, suggest making a second appointment immediately after the wedding, so that you can make any adjustments and tidy up her nails straight away before things get out of hand. 

4. Propose a take-in discussion

If you offer a preparatory appointment during which you can discuss your customers’ needs, they will be much more inclined to follow-up with an appointment. It gives them the impression that they are making a free choice and are not committed to one specific nail salon. Around 90% of brides choose to have a French manicure, but there are also a great many variants when it comes to manicures. During your initial discussion (take-in discussion) you can chat with your customer about the different shades that will look best with her bridal outfit and you can even offer her some trial nails. This will improve your chances of acquiring yet another fully satisfied customer.


TIP! Set up a total package for brides-to-be with one all-inclusive price that covers the take-in discussion, the bridal nails and a bridal pedicure for instance.



5. Put your nail salon on the map

You can do this by networking with wedding planners, florists and hairdressing salons that offer bridal hairstyles. Ask if you can leave a business card, a brochure or flyer behind and in return you can also refer your customers to them.

Share your creations on social media and ask your customers to post testimonials. Reviews are currently a very important factor for customers in their decision-making process. They base themselves on these reviews when deciding which nail salon they want to choose.



When you advertise on Facebook, target customers whose relationship status is tagged ‘engaged’. 


Now you know everything there is to know about how you can make sure your nail salon is totally prepared for the bridal season. But, first things first - before you can go about promoting your nail salon as a specialist bridal nail salon, you need to first get your bridal certificate. So make sure you consult the Bridal Nails workshop on our website. The workshops are held in small groups so that you have the opportunity to ask our experts all the questions you have and so that you don’t lose your way in the mass of information. So make sure you sign up today because the number of places is limited. 

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