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5 rules to keep your salon clean

Hygiene: The five basic rules for your salon!

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Don’t take any risks in your salon! Customers count on you to give them perfect nails, hands and feet. And as summer draws on you will see an increase in demand for pedicure treatments. Don’t give mould a chance to develop and go for an ultra-hygienic salon. And this means going one step further than just ensuring it is clean. We have listed a few useful tips that you should introduce straight away. 


1. Keep your desk and salon clean

Untidy work areas that have not been well cleaned attract bacteria. You really don’t want to know how many microbes live in your house, let alone your salon. An area that so many customers wander through each day. Even a desk that may look nice and tidy at first sight may be a breeding ground for bacteria if it is not given a regular and thorough cleaning using the right antibacterial products.


TIP: Use an all-purpose disinfectant to clean your salon and your desk. Use a spray disinfectant between each customer and dry it off with a clean cloth.


2. Wash your hands regularly with Gentle Hand Soap

Hygiene starts with you! Make sure you wash your hands regularly, and certainly between customers. And after your midday meal make sure you give them an extra thorough wash because the fatty residue from the mayonnaise or butter on your deliciously filled sandwich or in your salad are not just dirty, they also stop your gel nails from adhering perfectly.

TIP: Use PN Gentle Hand Soap! Deliciously perfumed and perfectly clean hands!


3. Disinfect your customers’ hands with pro septic

In addition to your own hands, it’s also important to disinfect your customers’ hands thoroughly. Their feet as well of course if you are giving them a pedicure. There’s nothing more dramatic as applying gel or Sopolish on nails that have not been thoroughly cleaned. They perfect breeding ground for bacteria is right under the gel. And you don’t want to inflict that on your customer.

ProSeptic is the ideal product for disinfecting hands, feet and nails. An indispensable product in your salon.


TIP: Make sure you check out our special offer for the purifier & cliniltion. A particularly economic way to keep your salon hygienic and clean. 



4. desinfect your your equipment with clinilotion

The third step is to keep all your equipment sterile of course. Tweezers and cuticle pushers are made of steel so you can just pop them in the steriliser, but nail files are another matter. And as ProNails Master files last for a very, very long time, it is essential to ensure that you disinfect them every time you use them.

TIP: Clinilotion has been specially conceived to disinfect equipment without using a steriliser. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, you can carry on filing away with a clear conscience.

TIP: Make sure you check out our special offer for the purifier & cliniltion. A particularly economic way to keep your salon hygienic and clean. 



5. Replace your equipment regularly

Enough is enough, even for files with a long lifespan. However there are other pieces of equipment that need to be replaced often (sometimes very often). Nail buffer blocks, rosewood sticks, paper tissues for under your work table, etc. These are all items of equipment that are difficult or even impossible to clean.


TIP: You might want to look at durable material. Could you replace your rosewood sticks with the Diamond Deco tool for instance? This is an item that you can disinfect. If you follow a workshop in which you learn all the tricks of electric filing, you won’t need your nail buffer blocks any more. And have you thought of abandoning paper tissues and using cotton handkerchiefs that you can wash? Think green. That’s the way to go!


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