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How to remove semi permanent nail polish at home?

How to remove semi permanent nail polish at home?

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Are you wearing semi permanent nail polish (also called gel polish) on your nails? And are you also wondering what to do now that your favorite salon is closed? You're lucky! We will teach you to safely remove your semi permanent nail polish without damaging your natural nail. First of all, your gel polish will stay on your nails for at least 14 days. It's important not to start fiddling with your nails, or even worse: don't pick the gel polish off your nails either! This will surely damage your natural nail.


Semi permanent nail polish can be removed quickly and easily thanks to the SOAK-OFF or PEEL-OFF system. This without damaging the natural nail. Don't know what base coat you have? Then use the soak-off method, so you can be sure that you can remove your gel polish safely and without damage. 



This gel polish can be removed efficiently with the Soak-Off system: soak your gel polish for 5 to 10 minutes without damaging your natural nail. Don't have any of our products? Then you can start with silver paper, acetone nail polish remover and cotton pads. Watch the video below to see how to soak your gel polish.


semi permanent gel polish peel-off

What makes this gel polish so special is that you can easily remove it at home thanks to the Peel-off method! You'll be amazed how easily you can remove your gel polish using the Polish Corrector Pen and a cuticle cleaner (if you don't have this at home you can also use a manicure stick). Watch the video below to see how to get started.




After removing your semi permanent nail polish, it is best to take some extra time to take care of your nails and hands. You can use a nail serum to strengthen your natural nails and cuticle oil to daily nourish your cuticles.  Nowadays you are washing and disinfecting your hands a lot, that results in very dry skin. Give your hands extra hydration with a quality hand cream to moisture and protect your skin. The ProNails Anti-Age Hand Cream not only keeps your hands hydrated, it also protects your hands against air pollution. The SPF15 protects against daily exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.  




Would you like a colour on your nails? That's easily done with nail polish. The perfect solution: the ProNails LongWear. This is nail polish that lasts twice as long as traditional nail polish. What do you need for this?

The LongWear Start base coat, your favorite LongWear colour and to finish the LongWear Finish.

LongWear nail polish instructions: first apply the Start, then 2 thin coats of colour and then wait 2 minutes before you apply the Finish. Wait until your nails dry and you are ready to enjoy the perfect colour on your nails for up to 7 days!


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