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Eight secrets of successful women revealed!

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Beyoncé, J.K. Rowling and Oprah Winfrey: all are highly successful women. They are incredibly busy; manage to be in all places at once and at no point in time do they look anything other than utterly fabulous. How do they do that? How do they acquire the art of juggling between a career, free time and family? Well, we delved into the subject and discovered eight secrets of successful women.


1. They set themselves goals

Knowing where you are going is essential. And setting goals may start from setting up a ‘to do’ list for next week to defining what you want to achieve in the future. These long-term plans are important as they help you keep optimistic when little things start going wrong or if things go completely pear shaped. It is the big picture that counts; not the details.



But the basic truth is that nothing provides a greater sense of fulfilment than ticking off something from your ‘to do’ list. So, we suggest you exchange your monday blues for Mani Monday nail polish. That way you are ready to take on another week full of vital energy and ready to give your customers the chance to glow thanks to their perfectly manicured hands.


2. They do time management

If you want make sure you get lots done, you need to make sure you organise your time efficiently. Book your appointments straight away and leave yourself time to organise all your administrative affairs and give your salon a good pampering so that it is spick and span for your customers. However, time management is not just about how your organise your work; it’s also about allowing yourself some time out.

Making time for friends and family for instance, is just as important. And if you include formal slots for sport or exercise in your timetable, you will be less tempted to skip them.


3. They organise themselves

And you can achieve this not just by organising your time efficiently and implementing the time management tips mentioned in point 2, but by taking sufficient time to clear up and leave your salon tidy. There’s no question about it; we all get much less done if we are working in a messy environment. Let’s say you are looking for a specific colour of nail polish for your customer, but you can’t find it because you are surrounded by chaos.

It’s a real nuisance for you and very time consuming, but it is also an irritant for your customer. Fortunately the opposite is also true. So, even if you feel happy living in a state of chaos, make sure your chaos is well organised!


4. They turn up on time

Nothing looks as unprofessional in the eyes of your customers as someone who turns up late. This is why successful women always (or almost always) turn up on time. With an efficiently organised agenda that allows for delays, time spent in traffic, and other problems, etc. …. and the soft earthy shade of our ProNails Booking Confirmed nail polish on your nails. Because this shade makes it immediately clear to others that you stick to your appointments and that you also expect this of others.



5. They are kind to each other

One of the greatest secrets behind their success? Kill them with kindness. Having a chat with your neighbour, complimenting your colleague, noticing that a customer has a new hairstyle, etc. These may be small gestures, but don’t underestimate the impact they can have.


6. They eat a healthy diet

Eating a balanced diet guarantees them the energy they need to make it through the day. Our Drink Your Greens nail polish is an extra reminder to make sure you eat healthy meals and that you take the recommended daily allowance of vitamins; don’t always take the easy option of picking up your food from a sandwich outlet or choosing unhealthy snacks.


7. They do exercise

Doing exercise provides them with a real energy boost. And that’s exactly what’s needed in the morning (or the evening). Are you worried that you won’t keep it up on your own? Then make a pact with some friends to go to some exercise classes or do the sport of your choice. That way you’ll motivate each other to keep up your daily workout. This is the best way to start your day bubbling over with energy!


8. They take time for themselves

Just as the Out of Office shade from the Elevate Life Collection suggests: making time for friends and family is important, but it is equally important to take some time for yourself. Meditating, resting, getting enough sleep and… carrying out a digital detox. People who don’t spend all their time on their mobile phone or checking out what’s happening on social media suffer far less from stress. They are happier.



And finally, our most important tip? Above all things, be your true self wherever you are and at all times! The rest will look after itself. 

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