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becoming a nail stylist

You want to become a nail stylist?

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but you don’t know how to choose the right training course ?

Are you considering taking a course or training programme to become a nail stylist? Whether you want to take a new direction in your career, or you just want to learn and try out something new, If you decide to follow a nail stylist training course, you will want to make sure you get the most out of it. But how can you go about choosing the right basic nail stylist training course? What do you need to look out for when making your decision?




Do you want:

  • to work with high-quality nail products and discover how to recognise the quality of these products and make optimal use of them for your customers ?
  • to learn as much as possibly by rolling up your sleeves and trying everything out yourself instead of spending hours in boring theory lessons?
  • to get lessons and personal assistance so that you can acquire the professional skills straight away?

The ProNails nail stylist training course offers you the perfect solution to all these requirements. Not only do the ProNails training centres enjoy an excellent reputation throughout all of Europe, we work exclusively with experienced trainers and off course strictly with the high quality ProNails products In other words, you get the best possible training to become a nail stylist, so that you can go on and start your career with the right professional expertise and self-confidence . Because our training program is just the start. You can be a certified nail stylist as your main profession or as a side job. Whether your goal is to open your own nail salon or to grow your expertise, nail stylists have a career with a future and lots of different possibilities.

Check out these unique advantages of choosing a ProNails basic training programme:



The ProNails basic nail technician training course is practice-oriented


You will be able to practise  right from the very first class. You will work on nail trainers or on real models. Forget long hours of theory, at the ProNails Academy you’ll have the chance to discover and put the theory into practice straight away. From years of teaching experience we know this this is actually the best way to learn all the different aspects of this skill. As a nail stylist to be you need to learn the know-how, but you also need to be able to create real beautiful nails.


With professional assistance, you will never feel alone


During the training course, our professional trainers are there to explain all the details to you. Once, twice, three times, as much times as you need.

This is why we always work in small groups with just a small number of other course participants. The ambiance is convivial and the assistance you receive all the more personal for it.

Even after the training course is over, you have access to our Training Centres for a further 72 hours to continue practising. There is always someone ready to help you on your way. And if you have questions about our products, other workshops or how to start up your own business, someone from our team will be more than happy to give you some useful tips. You‘ll never feel alone.


The basic nail technician training course is the perfect preparation for your final exam!


Because our nail stylist training course is so hands-on and only takes hours in all, you will feel completely at ease when you take the exam. Yes, you can do it! If you take advantage of all the classes and opportunities to practice, we are confident that you will be ready. You have no reason to be worried.

ProNails is your professional partner throughout your whole career as a nail stylist; a partner that is by your side right from the start - with your nail stylist training course. So make sure you make the right choice and go for the experience and quality of ProNails!




Did you know that a handy beginners’ package has been designed specially with everything you need to get off to a good start? The material that you need during the training is also the perfect basis for your professional debut. So you can start taking bookings for your first customers right now!


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