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Colour gel

Natural gel nails with ProNails Gellak colour gel.

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An audacious thing to say, but at ProNails we are absolutely convinced of this fact. ProNails Gellak is the best colour gel currently available on the market. The most important things to remember when looking for a colour gel are perfect hardening and coating properties as well as the reassurance that the product is simple and speedy to work with. Gellak combines these two imperatives and also offers a few practical added extras.


Perfect coating thanks to the strong pigmentation


ProNails Gellak colour gels are all highly pigmented, which means that they have a dense concentration of colour particles. Thanks to this dense colour they coat the nails perfectly with just two thin layers. As a nail stylist you know that when you apply colour, it is always best to work with two thin layers rather than one thick one. But the cover often leaves much to be desired. That is not the case with ProNails Gellak! Because of the perfect coating that can be obtained with thin layers, you can guarantee extremely natural looking gel nails.  

Simple application, rapid hardening


Application is ultra simple because ProNails Gellak colour nails are self-modelling. You apply the colour gel in a single brush stroke and the gel spreads out over the nail perfectly evenly. And because you are able to work with extremely thin layers, the gel hardens in no time at all. Just 30 seconds in The Light and the nails are ready for the next layer. ProNails Gellak also works with UV lamps, but you just lose time doing that, which brings us to the next point.


Time is money!


ProNails Gellak is easy to use and hardens rapidly, which in itself will save you time. You no longer have to wait around, because ProNails Gellak works hard for you. Invest in The Light and save lots of time with each application. Those 30 seconds per layer make a real difference. What’s more Gellak colour gels don’t have a sticky layer after hardening. So you can just carry on with your second layer or apply some nail art or add your top coat straight away, which saves you even more time.

Handy, safe packaging


Not only have we thought about the content of our products, we have also put our minds to work on the packaging which has been designed around practical recommendations provided by nail stylists. The unique design of the ProNails Gellak pots was conceived to ensure their stackability, which is very practical when it comes to storage space. The gel is always locked inside the pot, so no sticky caps any more. And thanks to the wide base it’s almost impossible to topple the pots over; plus they are unbreakable. But the most ingenious aspect is the built-in wiping edge which enables you to gauge exactly the right amount of gel on your brush.

What are you waiting for? Order your ProNails Gellak colour gel today


ProNails Gellak is available in the most wonderful range of colours: from ultra-cool trendy colours to timeless elegant classic colours. And you can always be sure that you will find Sopolish and normal nail polish available in the same range of colours for customers who want matching toenails.  


Save time and expand your assortment today with even more ProNails Gellak colours! Show the different colours to your customers… they won’t know which to start with.

By the way…

Unsure about where to begin? Go for the six new Nail Essentials ProNails Gellak colours. In addition to the classic reds you can choose: Nude, Taupe, Bordeaux, Raspberry or Shimmery Pink. So that you always have something to satisfy your customers no matter what their personal taste. 



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