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Golden Nails By Samuela La Fata

Golden nails for Christmas season!

Op 21 12 2016 in


WHO IS samuela la fata?

I only opened my salon in February, but as a nail stylist, I’ve been using the ProNails brand for 7 seven years now. I know the whole collection inside out, from the colours of the nail polish to all their foot care products.

I prefer to work with gel from the Perfection range. As the name implies, the products are really high quality and produce exceptional results. The gel is extremely strong so it’s perfect for applications and it gives my work a sublime finishing touch.

The colours from the newest collection of Gel Paints are great as well. It’s not just my clients who love them - I’m crazy about their colourful sheen too!


I have two favourite shades that I like to use. On the one hand, I love the glamorous gold of Empire of the Sun and then there’s Scuba Pink, a limited edition from the 2016 summer collection.

My very favourite technique is creating strong nails, because their delicacy reveals their naturalness and elegance. When I’m working on nail art, I create lots of 3D designs, which I learnt at Natalya Grudinina’s amazing workshop “Texture Design III Nail Art, Flowers, Lace & Curls”. I’m a huge fan of her wonderful style!”




StEp BY StEp

Step 1

  • Apply one layer of Gellak N°1081 Noir de Noir on 3 or 4 nails and cure in The Light.  Apply a second layer and cure again.


Step 2

  • Draw a design of choice with the Gel Paint Gliding Gold on one of the black nails.

  • Apply Gel Paint Gold on one of nails and cure in The Light, Apply a second layer and cure again.

  • Draw a design with Gel Paint Calligraphic Black on the golden nail.

  • Apply a design with Stamping Plate Own the Night and Nail Polish Empire of the sun on one of the black nails.

  • Apply a half moon of Gel Paint Gold on one of the black nails. At the edge of the nail you apply a half moon with Chrome Powder.

  • Draw a line around the golden half moon with Unicum Clear base. Place the Mini Beads Silver here.

  • Finish with your favorite Gloss.


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