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Queen of The Night

Get The Look - Queen of The Night

Op 18 11 2016 in

by Natalya Grudinina


Full-on glitter nails! It’s the must have accessory of the season.

For the full colour nails: apply two layers of Gellak n° 190 Own The Night or Gellak n° 191 Lights Out, Spots On using your Gelinsky Premium Brush n° 7 and cure each layer for 30 seconds in The Light.

* For the nails with nail art: use the following steps.


Step By Step

Step 1






Step 2





Step 3






Step 4






Step 5






Step 6






Step 7


  • Finally use Gellak n° 190 Own The Night to fill the central diamond shape and cure again. Apply your favourite gell gloss and cure one final time for 30 seconds in The Light.*

* or 2 minutes in a UV light.




Final Look

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