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Get ready for the holidays!

Get ready for the holidays!

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Days are getting darker, temperatures are dropping and our coats are getting thicker. Just a few more weeks and we will be digging up our Santa hats…

Here are ten tips which will help you get your nail parlour ready for the holidays!


1. Glamour & glitter

The holidays are a great occasion to splurge and look great. Nail art will make your customers’ nails look just a tad more festive. Make sure you have festive looking nails, as this will inspire your customers to have a few more sparkles themselves.


2. Time is money

Will you be changing your opening hours during the holiday period? Then be sure to communicate your new hours clearly, thus giving your ever-so-busy customers the opportunity to schedule a timely appointment to have their nails made party proof.


3. Perfect gift

Your customers will enter your shop to have their nails done, and will leave it with Christmas presents as well as beautiful nails. A set of a longWear nail polish : base coat, colour  and top coat in shades such as Rising Sun, Colour Code and Back to Wool makes for  a perfect gift. Likewise, our anti-age hand-care collection makes a great present for under the tree. Make sure you have plenty of these in stock so as not to miss out on any sales!


4. Mister Facebook & Misses Instagram

Don’t forget to use your social media! List some ideas for presents your followers can buy from your parlour, communicate your new opening hours and urge your customers to schedule their appointments early. Share photos of your wonderfully decorated nail parlour and the delightful Christmas atmosphere you have created. Check our social media contest " Sparkle with ProNails "  and win € 250 worth of ProNails products with your best Holiday Set! 


5. Look outside

Giving your salon a nice Christmassy vibe starts from the outside. Decorate your shop window with bright Christmas lights and attractive window stickers. Just don’t go overboard. For instance, focus on a single theme, e.g. ‘Winter Wonderland’. Create a pretty shop window which catches the eyes of both people walking in the street and passing drivers.


6. Let the magic begin

Some nice Christmas decorations will help you make your salon look more festive. Make your shop look warm and inviting, but always remember: less is more. Make sure your products remain visible at all times.


7. Jingle bells

Play some Christmas tunes to finish things off. It will put your customers into the right mood for buying presents to put under the Christmas tree. And of course your shop will offer several types of presents!


8. Eye candy

While you are working on your customer’s nails, they will have plenty of time to look around. So make sure you have a nice display and present your products in a neatly arranged manner. Wrap up a display gift, put it in a nice spot and inspire your customers to buy a few presents themselves!


9. Party nails

Festive fingernails complete every outfit! Use typical Christmas colours or shades that go well with a Christmas outfit. Use gel polish, Sopolish and nail varnish to ensure that your customer is ready to see off the old year in great style! Check out our mid season collection.


10. Spread the love

Give your customers a special treat. Wouldn’t an anti-age hand lotion make for a great New Year’s Eve present? It provides youthful-looking and silky hands in no time. It is wrapped up very nicely, too – like a Christmas bauble! Consider hanging a few in the Christmas tree in your parlour if you’re so inclined...

Have a colourful Christmas and a glossy New Year! 

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