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Colour Code Collection

Colour Code Collection

Op 14 10 2016 in


“All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Grey…”


The new colour code for Autumn Winter 2016/17, both in fashion and beauty, combines countryside earth tones with retro sixties and seventies nostalgia. Imagine a perfect day on the countryside in autumn, with a cool blue sky, the colours of leaves turning into shades of brown, orange, red or plum, with a pebble stone creek nearby… Now mix these natural shades with seventies patterns and a retro inspired look, and there you are: totally on trend this season!


With the new ProNails Colour Code Collection you’ll have the right new nail colours at hand to complete any seasonal outfit in style. Fashion-forward nails with a retro vibe? Check and … check!








Colour Code Collection


You could say brown is the new black this season! This real chocolate brown is the perfect brown for nails you were looking for all along!

LongWear n° 144 - 10 ml - ref. 28871

Gellak n° 185 - 5 ml - ref. 28812







This autumn, instead of the classic red, we go for a more burnt rust red on the nails, which matches beautifully with this season’s earthy colour palette.

LongWear n° 134 - 10 ml - ref. 28873

Sopolish n° 134 - 8 ml - ref. 28797

Gellak n° 187 - 10 ml - ref. 28814






Sky blue is a trend colour on the rise! This cool sky blue nail colour will make every day feel like a walk in the park.

LongWear n° 133 - 10 ml - ref. 28870

Sopolish n° 133 - 8 ml - ref. 28796

Gellak n° 184 - 5 ml - ref. 28811






A dashing plum nail colour that will fit any dress code of the season: from business formal to creative chic!

LongWear n° 143 - 10 ml - ref. 28868

Gellak n° 182 - 10 ml - ref. 28809







Pebble grey is a warm and elegant nail shade that will make you smile in style, even on a rainy day.

LongWear n° 132 - 10 ml - ref. 28869

Sopolish n° 132 - 8 ml - ref. 28795

Gellak n° 183 - 10 ml - ref. 28810






Cognac is an absolute fashion trend colour … but cognac for nails? Yes please! We created a beautiful toned down cognac shade with a splash of gold. Pure sophistication on your nails.

LongWear n° 141 - 10 ml - ref. 28872

Sopolish n° 141 - 8 ml - ref. 28846

Gellak n° 186 - 5 ml - ref. 28813

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