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Take care of your hands

Take care of your hands

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It is often said that one’s hands reveal much about one. It is very important therefore that your hands and nails always look absolutely impeccable. And what automatically springs to mind is perfectly applied nail polish – a natural eye-catcher. But it’s best to start at the beginning and that means ensuring that your hands and nails are given the best possible treatment. Do you know how to go about that? 



SOS dry hands!

This is more of a problem in winter than in summer because the cold is not good for the hands. Ensuring thorough, deep hydration is the message. The Anti-Age Hand Cream comes in two versions: Rich for a very deep treatment and Lightweight for a speedy touch-up throughout the day. An essential accessory! Both have a sun-factor, so you are immediately protected against harmful UV rays.


My nails are brittle and break easily. They split at the slightest thing. 

You’ve probably already heard this complaint from customers. They have urgent need of the brand new Nail Serum! This serum is the ideal cure for natural nails. In three to four weeks brittle nails are repaired and are a thing of the past. And the best thing about it is that you can combine it with nail polish or LongWear polish! A nourishing cure does not mean you have to walk around with dull, boring nails. 


How can I get rid of the hang nails around my cuticles?

This is another complaint one hears often from customers:  hang nails around the cuticles that are painful and often torn, dry cuticles; etc. And yet the solution is so simple. All you need is a bit of Vitamina Cuticle Oil and your problem is solved! With ingredients like almond oil, macadamia oil and bay oil cuticles are restored to their original soft, hydrated condition.



Healthy, strong nails in the blink of an eye

The new Anti-Age Hand Care range of products is the optimal way to obtain healthier hands and stronger nails. Enjoy a regular beneficial scrub with Refining Hand & Body Scrub, nourish your skin with the Replenishing Hand Mask and finish with Deep Defense Hand Serum. Hand Cream on top and you are ready to roll again. The great advantage for nail stylists is that every time your customer asks for a treatment, you also get to benefit from it. That’s what we call a win-win situation.


Promote your Hand & Nail Care 

  • Did you know that when you give a manicure your customers can feel and see the results immediately? It is a moment of relaxation, some me-time in what can often be a hectic schedule. Time to give your Hand & Nail Care a promotional boost therefore!
  • ProNails has created some beautiful display units that you can place in your counter and promote your Anti-Age Hand Care service. The perfect eye-catching object that you can discuss with your customers. The Hand Cream is something each and every woman should have in her handbag! 

  • When you take a Manicure Workshop you learn immediately how you can ensure that your basic manicure is a luxurious pampering occasion. Discover all about how you can solve different problems and leave your customers with even more beautiful nails.

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