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Nail Care: Make your clients shine for real!

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Do you have customers with brittle nails, rough cuticles or dry skin around the nails?

No need to panic because they now have your professional expertise to help them sort out their problems. ProNails has a whole range of nail care products that make your nails stronger and healthier. Forget lip balm, nail care products are the care products par excellence. And it’s important to note that the health of your nails is the essential condition for your manicure. Discover our product range and make every manicure the perfect manicure. 


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Cuticle Remover

The Cuticle Remover is ideal for pushing back cuticles speedily and efficiently. The cuticle remover also hydrates and purifies cuticles and nails. A guarantee for you and your customers that the next manicure will be even more beautiful. 






Vitamina Cuticle Oil

Vitamina contains three types of oil: almond oil that combats irritation and infection, macadamia oil that protects the skin and relaxes it and laurel oil that has anti-bacterial properties. Cuticle oil is an essential basic product to guarantee healthy and strong nails. It repairs and nourishes dry cuticles leaving them hydrated and beautiful. Vitamina also provides the perfect finishing touch after you have applying a perfect set of gel nails. 







Nail Serum

The ProNails Nail Serum is the ideal cure for natural nails or nails that are resting between applications of gel nails. The cure lasts 3 – 4 weeks and nourishes and repairs brittle and broken nails so that they regain their healthy glow. The serum can be used independently as a cure or in combination with nail polish or LongWear polish. 


Tip! Let the serum penetrate completely before applying nail polish; this will guarantee you a perfect result.




Non Acetone Polish Remover

Let’s imagine that your customer walks through the doors of your salon still wearing nail polish or LongWear polish. In instances like this we recommend you start with the Non Acetone Polish Remover. This removes nail polish speedily and gently. This nail polish remover contains no acetone which means that nails can be treated without drying out or being damaged. Another advantage is that after the manicure you can sell the product for your customer to take home with her. 






Cuticle Care Pen

The Cuticle Care Pen is the perfect product for women on the go. It is a cuticle softener made with pomegranate and is the ideal treatment to combat dry skin. It stimulates skin renewal and improves the elasticity of the cuticle. A precious and practical little accessory to keep with us at all times.








At the end of your manicure, after you have applied polish to your customer’s nails, you should take advantage of the Polish Corrector Pen. This magical pen corrects small mistakes that mar the final look of your polish job in no time at. You can use it to correct Sopolish, nail polish and Gellak. It also nourishes the skin and prevents infections. A corrective pen that nourishes the skin and leaves your nails looking perfect? What could be more unique and essential? 





If you use these products when carrying out your manicure, your customers will simply glow with beauty. You can find all these products in our webshop. The Vitamina Cuticle Oil and Cuticle Remover also come in a refillable version. They are also ultra-practical and hygienic as you can apply them directly to nails thanks to the handy bottle top applicator.


Manicure Workshop

Perhaps you would like to offer customers a manicure in your nail salon, but it is a whole new world for you and you have no idea how to go about it? Or perhaps you have already acquired what it takes, but you’d like to refresh your memory about the order of the different processes? Then you should follow the ProNails manicure workshop. You will learn everything there is to know about the perfect manicure and which nail care products you should use and when.

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