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How to get your salon client ready for Summer sandals

How to get your salon client ready for summer sandals

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The ProNails Foot Care range was developed in collaboration with professional pedicure institutes, with the consumer’s wishes in mind: extremely user-friendly and with a quickly visible and long-lasting result, for any skin type or foot problem. Urea and Co-Enzyme Q10 are the most important ingredients of these highly effective foot care products.



Start with the basics: offer a professional pedicure for long-lasting silky soft feet







- Disinfect your hands and your client’s feet with the ProNails Foot A’Septic Spray and let it dry.








- Remove all nail polish or LongWear with ProNails Non Acetone Polish Remover and a Cosmetic Pad.








- ProNails Foot Soak gives the skin a soft yet effective cleansing without dehydrating the skin.
- Mix three pumps of ProNails Foot Soak with two to three liters of lukewarm water in the ProNails Pedicure Bowl. Soak the client’s feet for five to seven minutes.









- For a luxurious pedicure use the ProNails Sensation Scrub to exfoliate the skin and rinse with water.









- Take one foot out of the bowl. Support the heel gently in a way that is comfortable for your client. Dry the foot with a clean towel.

- Apply ProNails Cuticle Remover on the cuticle area of each toenail. While the product is doing its work, use a ProNails Nail Cutter to shorten the nails.

- File them into the right shape with the ProNails Master File 180. Always file toenails in a straight shape.









- Spray the ProNails Callus Off on callus and places with thickened skin. You can also use this product on the cuticles of the toes instead or together with ProNails Cuticle Remover. It is a non-aggressive formula that does not need to be washed off after the treatment.

- Let it absorb into the skin for two minutes!









- Push back the cuticles with the ProNails Cuticle Pusher (or with the ProNails Manicure Stick Wood or ProNails Cuticle Cleaner).

- If necessary, carefully remove loose skin with the Cobalt Cuticle Nipper Long Grip 3 mm or 5 mm.









- Remove callus from the heels, balls of the feet or toes with the ProNails Magic Foot File. Do not remove the callus completely as it gives natural protection to the feet.

- Use the ProNails Magic Toe File to remove the hard to reach callus between the toes, without causing injury to the surrounding skin.









- Apply ProNails Nail Serum on the toenails with the Nail Care Pipette and rub it in. This nail serum is extremely hydrating and nourishing.

- If you will not apply nail polish or LongWear, finish with ProNails Vitamina Cuticle Oil. Massage the cuticles gently to nourish and hydrate them deeply.









- Apply ProNails Massage Balm to the feet and legs for a relieving deep tissue massage.

- Advise the client to use the appropriate Foot Foam at home when extended treatment is needed. Each foam targets a specific skin problem a client may have: dry skin, cracked heels, dry skin prone to fungal infections or moist skin prone to fungal infections.








- For a luxurious Spa Pedicure you can use the ProNails Massage Mask instead of the ProNails Massage Balm. Use a spatula to take the product and spread a little amount of the Massage Mask on the skin with the Synthetic Hand Mask Brush.

- Wrap the feet in foil and allow the active ingredients to absorb deep in the epidermis. Leave it on for five to ten minutes.








- Massage the feet with dampened hands, to allow the gel structure to transform into a perfectly smooth massage balm. If necessary, remove excess product with a towel. 



the PRonails footcare range

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