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Hand care is the new facial care!

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Even if your skin is luminous and your make-up perfect, your hands can betray your true age! Luckily, with the help of the right care products, you can delay the impact of the ageing process on the skin of your hands too. Even though we all know it’s true, we still make far more appointments at the beauty parlour than with our manicurists. At ProNails, we’re hoping to change all that - we want to raise hand care to the same level as facial care! Enter: The ProNails Luxe anti-age manicure!



The ProNails Luxe anti-age manicure will make your hands and nails the star of the show.

An impressive combination of natural but extremely effective ingredients boost and nurture your nails and the skin of your hands to make them firmer.  The first step - a cleansing session with our Gentle Hand Soap - provides optimal hydration and protection with lactic acid, glycerine and a skin-neutral pH balance.


This is followed by a wonderful scrub to improve the skin structure and stimulate cell regeneration. For skin that needs a little more care, we have our intensely nurturing and restorative Replenishing Hand Mask that immediately hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft for a very long time. The next step is our Deep Defense hand serum, a real multitasker. The Deep Defense hand serum plumps out wrinkles and fine lines with hyaluronic acid, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen with active ingredients, neutralises free radicals with antioxidants and prevents the build-up of impurities with a unique anti-pollution filter.



The serum is absorbed extremely rapidly so we can apply our Anti-Age Lightweight Hand Cream or our Anti-Age Rich Hand Cream – depending on the specific needs of your skin: a light emulsion or, by contrast, a rich cream; however, both products provide extra protection and care and contain an SPF factor.


Because at ProNails, we believe that beautiful nails are the ultimate finishing touch, we round off the manicure with a series of nurturing nail products to strengthen your nails and give your cuticles an energy boost, etc. And if you fancy going home with your nails ready to party, we can apply our innovative LongWear nail varnish in three steps. The unparalleled LongWear ColourFix Technology is guaranteed to last a record length of time, so you enjoy your new look for even longer. 


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