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Electronic Filing

With an electric nail drill you work faster and more precisely

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Although nail drills have existed for about as long as gel nails, they continue to have a bad name. Customers are afraid of them or find that they feel unpleasant. They scratch and irritate, they get too hot, sometimes even suddenly becoming extremely hot. But what if you discovered that things could be different and that you could dispel all the uncomfortable feelings that your customers experience?



Why use an electric nail drill?

Electronic filing is the most efficient way to refill gel nails. It is a speedy method which means that you save considerable time with each of your customers. And saving time is always of great importance for nail stylists. By using different bits or adjusting the speed, you can work very precisely.  


Working with a nail drill to model and shape nails is also the smartest way to work. A lot of gels have self-modelling properties today, but you may still prefer to add extra shape using the nail drill.



Choosing the right nail drill

The ProNails Vision Pro 700 is a top-quality nail drill that has been designed to meet the needs of professional nail stylists. The powerful micromotor guarantees you years of use irrespective of how often you use it. The built-in dust extraction system efficiently removes dust so that it doesn’t end up in piles on your work surface. All this technology is concentrated in a maintenance-friendly and compact device that doesn’t take up too much room on your work table. And what’s more, the nail drill is extremely quiet.


Thanks to the Vision Pro 700 you can work more precisely, more speedily and more comfortably. It is the ideal tool for all nail stylists therefore. The device has a long lifespan, as long as you clean the device correctly every day. And any professional worth their salt knows that daily cleaning is essential if a nail drill is to stay the course.


Discover all you need to know about the Vision Pro and how to clean it.




Why are the bits so important?

In order to work efficiently and effectively with your nail drill, it is also important to choose the best bits. High Precision Bits have been specially designed for use with the Vision Pro 700 nail drill. They are made of hard metal with tungsten carbide according to the highest Swiss precision standards. Thanks to the 100% accurate diameter and perfectly shaped tips, it is impossible to damage the handpiece. You only have to apply light pressure which means you can enjoy greater comfort and you can carry out more detailed work with greater ease.


In addition, your customers will be relieved to know that these bits generate less heat. This is because they run at fewer rotations per minute, which in turn means fewer vibrations. Your customers need never again be afraid of the dreaded increases in temperature!


Another side benefit is that your nail drill is ecologically-friendly. It uses less electricity and the results can be seen in your salon’s energy bills. And as we all know, every bit helps.




It is possible to learn the art of perfect filing!

But don’t take our word for it, come and find out for yourself by taking our 'Filing & Drilling Technique' workshop. This will give you total reassurance that you are providing your customers with the best possible service.

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